Facial Favorites

Each facial is custom designed to meet your specific skin care needs. Our team of professionals is here to assist you.


LING Signature Facials

Signature Facial (60 min) $80
Famous for its therapeutic benefits, this healing treatment includes a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, massage, light extractions, and freshly blended customized masque of choice:

  • Soothe & revive with our GINSENG THERAPY MASK formulated from rich moisturizing ingredients to immediately bring forth a healthy glow while improving skins strength and tone to tired skin
  • Detoxify & purify with our HERBAL CLAY CLARIFYING MASK an advanced infusion of natural clay developed to draw  toxins and impurities from pores leaving them cleansed and refreshed
  • Brightening & oxygenating this INSTANT OXYGEN RECOVERY MASK helps to improve elasticity, suppleness, and tone. Rich in active ingredients, it works to stimulate cellular regeneration and restore natural balance   

Anti-Redness Facial (75 min) $110
This facial is recommended for all skin types, especially sensitivity and those suffering from redness. A luxurious custom blended treatment made of mint extract which helps to reduce inflammation and irritation, also helps to balance oil secretions in the skin.  

Anti-Acne Facial (75 min) $110
Another great facial! Recommended for oily and acne prone skin. This custom blend is made with natural charcoal to fight acne bacteria, prevent infection, lock in moisture and reduce redness, while softening and improving the skin’s texture.  

Pampering Teen Facial (45 min) $60
Even the complexion and eliminate acne bacteria build-up. A special designed facial for youthful skin which digests dead skin cells and impurities trapped deep in pores. Tea tree Oil provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Great care goes into pampering of the skin with this treatment.       

Ultrasound Therapy (15 min) $25   
Ultrasound Wave Rejuvenation Therapy emits powerful and effective, yet safe wave energy in the lower layers of the skin. Immediate and healthy action in the skin cells will improve blood and lymph circulation, increasing the penetration of vital ingredients in the cells, improving the metabolism and regeneration of the skin.