Manicures / Pedicures

Natural Nails Manicure/Pedicure

We use Shellac/Gel Color Nail Polish at Sheri’s Fine Salon and Spa. Why is this polish so desired? Shellac/Gel Color nails last up to 14 days without losing shine, breaking, chipping or smudging. Even more amazing is the removal process. Shellac/Gel Color comes right off with a special application and causes no harm to the natural nail. Come in for a relaxing manicure and pedicure today!

The Perfect Manicure/ Perfect Pedicure

Delivers the same great treatment with an additional service of a paraffin wax dip. This heat treatment is not only soothing but also delivers relief from the stresses of everyday activities.

Spa Manicure - $25
File, cuticles, exfoliate, massage & polish.

Shellac / Gel Color nail polish - $30

Spa Pedicure - $45 
File, soak, cuticles, exfoliate, massage & polish.

Older Adult Pedicure - $30 +