Massage Therapy

For the ultimate in relaxation treatments, we offer a variety of massage treatments at Sheri’s Salon and Spa that will ease your aches and relieve your tension.

Swedish MassageDeep Tissue MassageTrigger Point Therapy

Swedish Massage

Based on traditional therapeutic massage techniques. An excellent therapy for those with stress, pain, or tension.

Deep Tissue

Deep pressure is used effectively to treat tender points. This therapy is useful for people with taunt bands of muscle tissue. Focuses on relieving tight muscles; breaking up tender points or relieving muscle strain. Focuses on specific pressure points in the body to help in relieving numbness or pain.

Trigger Point Therapy

The art of sustained pressure on tender spots to help supply blood flow to the area thus helping the body to heal itself.

ReflexologyPre Natal MassageHot Stone Massage


Applies pressure to specific points on the hands and the feet. Relief can be provided to all areas of the body.

Pre Natal

Done in a side-lying position, this therapy aids in relaxation, benefits circulation, and sooths nerves.

Hot Stone Massage

The thermal heat of the stones glides smoothly on your body with all natural jojoba oil to give you a deep tissue massage while putting you in a deeper state of relaxation. The hot stone massage is used to ease tension and loosen tight muscles.

Massage Services
Table Massage Services
30 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes

Massage Therapy
20 minutes

 *These services are also performed at on site locations, prices vary.