Natural Body Spa Treatments

The natural spa treatments we offer at Sheri’s Fine Salon and Spa restores a heathy appearance to your body and refreshes your skin.

Body Spa Treatments

Body Salt Glow: Removes impurities, exfoliates, dead skin and activities blood circulation $65

Body Wrap: Eliminates excess fluid, activities, blood circulation, detoxidizes, mineralizes and moisturizes $115

Cellulite Firming Therapy: Reduces uneven texture, rids your body of the lumpy effect – stomach, buttocks  upper legs, upper arms $55 – per area

Ultrasound Cellulite Firming Therapy (15 min)   

Break apart cellulite so that your body can expel it. Our Ultrasound Wave Rejuvenation Therapy emits powerful and effective, yet safe wave energy in the lower layers of the skin. Immediate and healthy action in the skin cells will improve blood and lymph circulation, increasing the penetration of vital ingredients in the cells, improving the metabolism and regeneration of the skin. Cellulite Firming and Repair to reduce your uneven texture, detoxifies the fatty tissue and rid your body of the lumpy “cottage cheese” effect.

Ultrasound Cellulite Firming Treatment

This Cellulite Oil combines the health-enhancing benefits of specially selected oils with vitamin E and therapeutic-grade essential oils to nourish and tone skin.

  • Grapefruit Oil – to benefit skin texture
  • Juniper Oil – to detoxify and cleanse skin
  • Clary Sage Oil – to ease menstrual and other discomforts
  • Cypress Oil – to stimulate circulation
  • Cedarwood – to promote balance and increase mental focus

Three treatment packages for $150 (recommended) with single applications for $55 per area.
Best areas of application are: stomach, upper legs-front or back, upper arms, buttocks.